Developing profitable commercial spaceport facilities in Europe for the accelerating global launch market.

A Global Spacehub in Ireland

The SUAS Vision

To meet the demand for orbital rocket
launches, suborbital rocket launches, and
rocket engine testing with a world-class
European spacehub facility in Ireland.

Launch Services Sector Growth

The SUAS Market

Over a dozen European companies are developing orbital rockets, with each company planning 10 to 50 launches per year. Current spaceports under planning and in development will fall substantially short of meeting this accelerating market demand.


$US 2019 market value


$US 2027 projected market value


Compound annual growth rate


To assess Ireland's suitability as a launch point for payloads destined for polar orbit, SUAS commissioned a detailed feasibility analysis report from an independent consultant engineering company.

Geographic Analysis

The report examined the potential for orbital launches from Ireland, and carried out impact reports on a number of potential Irish sites. Assessments included studies of population, maritime, and aviation risks, and identified specific feasible Irish launch sites.

Irish Advantage

Analysis emphasised that Ireland’s south-west coastal geography offers unobstructed launch vectors that do not cross inhabited land, making it an optimal launch location. The report concluded that Ireland would be one of the top three locations in Europe for a spaceport.

Skilled Leadership

Our leadership team sets and achieves challenging goals, leads market growth, and inspires others to perform at the highest level.

Enda Kenny


Rory FitzPatrick

Chief Executive Officer

Peter O'Halloran

Deputy Chair & Head of Reg. Affairs

Experienced Management

Willie Butler

Chief Aviation Officer

Bruce Hannah

Chief Technical Officer

Dave Rudge, SUAS

David Rudge

Head of Commercial Development

Lynn van Broock

Chief Scientific Officer

Edward Harris

Chief Operations Officer

Eoghan Gilleran

Project Manager

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